The Human Body System

The powerpoints for this Unit are posted below

Body Organization

The Digestive System

The Circulatory System Teacher Notes that were done using the Document Reader in class.

The Respiratory System Notes.  Use page 90 and 91 of your Textbook to answer the questions and label the Diagram. 

The Excretory System diagram that we did in class.  Use Figure 2.21 in the Textbook to label the structures and define their functions.


If you do have problems with the notes please send me an e-mail and we could book a time to go over the notes together.


Attached Below are

- animations that were used in class to demonstrate how each organ system functions.  Have fun watching them!!!!

- a youtube video on the digestive system that was seen in class.

- I created a lung model in class to demonstrate the importance of the diaphragm.  If you missed class please watch the video below as it is similar to what was demonstrated.

- display of the colouring assignments done by your fellow classmates.



The cut and paste assignment on the digestive system

The cut and paste assignment on the respiratory system.


All the assignments and questions that are done in class have not been posted on this site.  Please check with me or your colleagues to get all missing work.


Cut and Paste Assignments Done by Students this Semester.